Dale Stouffer

I have been in the real estate, mortgage, and real estate technology industries since 1996. I first got into the business as a loan officer. My first transaction came from a real estate agent I knew who referred me to a self-employed buyer in Chapter 13 bankruptcy who wanted to buy a home in rural Pennsylvania. Back then, there were no Fico scores or electronic signatures – just paper applications and fax machines. That particular transaction took about 5 months to settle. What I learned in those 5 months was how much I loved working with buyers and their real estate agents as they navigate through the home-buying process. I also realized that every homebuyer and home seller situation is different which means they are like puzzles and all that is needed is to figure out that one thing and the game was over - happy homeowner - happy home seller. It was during those 5 months where I fell in love with real estate and financing. I also have worked in the real estate technology field since 1999 when I bought my first website name and built my first website. During the early 2000’s through today, I have studied 1000’s of real estate and mortgage websites to learn the fine art of getting found in Google, marketing, blogging, how to best market properties online, and how to find buyers and homeowners online. In fact, I love real estate technology so much that I own a real estate technology company that helps real estate agents stay in touch with past customers. I always put my customers first – if you decide to work with me, I'll do the same with you.